Please Note: The HealthStream Learning Management System (LMS) has been replaced with iAspire. Therefore, the tutorials below are no longer accurate.


To access the iAspire system, navigate to the iAspire IRIS page here.


New HealthStream Interface Videos

After logging into HealthStream click on “My Connections” then under “What’s New” click on one of the 4 available videos to check them out! Or, you may select the links below to view them directly:


Note: HealthStream can be found by following the link in Step 1 of the Instructions below. If you would like further logon or course schedule information, follow all the steps below. Select each image for a larger view.

Logon and Course Search Instructions

Instructions Screen
  1. Type the HealStream link ( into your browser's address bar, or navigate to the IRIS Home page and find the HealthStream link under the APPLICATIONS drop-down menu.
  1. Enter your user ID and password. For employees, use the last five digits located on the back of your badge. For non-employees, including students, your user ID should be the same as your ADS; use the “Click here” link in the Login Instructions for your local system Password/ID information.

Note: After your initial log on, change your password by selecting the My Profile tab. Check to ensure your name appears in upper left corner of screen after logging on. If it does not, please log out. If you experience technical problems and/or password issues, please contact AskHR
at 1-855-336-7600.

  1. In HealthStream, select the <Catalog> tab at the top of the page. Type in the class name you wish to find in the search box. Be sure to type the exact title.

Example: To find the class “Peer Interviewing,” type the exact name in the search box then select the Search button. You will be given a list of courses from which to choose.

  1. Select the class title from the list that appears. Then, select the Show Class Schedule link.


  1. Then identify the day, time and location that is best for you, then select the Register link.
  1. Select the <My Learning> tab.


Note: At this point, the class will be under Elective Learning.Keep in mind that some courses will not be visible to you unless they are specifically assigned to you. If a specific class date, time, and location appear on your “To Do List”, then you are registered for that class. If you do not see a specific class date, you are not registered for that class.